Store Opening

The Aether Rose online store is finally open! After months of hard work the store is ready to go.

To start, we will be having a special sale on all applicable items. Unfortunately, due to price issues with one of the manufacturers, the sale will not apply to any t-shirts or other upper body garments. In the next year or so, we hope to begin sourcing our products through a more direct wholesale manufacturer, so that we can cut down on the on-demand production costs.

Use coupon code zmqtb5u9 at check out for 20% off your order and free shipping within the United States. This sale coupon expires on October 31st, 2019.

As a special offer, we will be offering a significant discount on any item which was not photographed for Aether Rose. Due to budgetary restrictions, we were unable to purchase sample products for everything Aether Rose will be offering. Therefore, if you want to make a purchase on an item which only has a computer-generated image or manufacturer modeled images, and are willing to tolerate a delay in receiving your order, so that we can receive your order and use it for sample photography, we will give you a discount at our expense. Sample clothing orders will receive an additional discount if we have your permission to have it modeled (if the size corresponds to one of our models). Otherwise, we will photograph the article by hanging it in front of a backdrop.

Contact Aether Rose with inquiries.

As for the Men’s clothing section, due to issues with our current manufacturers, inventory is limited. Inventory for Men’s will be expanded later on down the line. Follow Aether Rose’s social media pages and Announcements for future updates.