About Aether Rose

About the Store

Aether Rose is the result of the last few years of hobby pattern design.  After having designed some patterns I used for a few tote bags, and getting complements and inquiries as to where I bought them, I realized that there were enough people who liked my sense of pattern design that it may be worth selling what I had designed instead of telling people that all I had were these one-and-only designs.

With the beginning of 2019, I had begun doing research into building a website and finding manufacturers that could meet my expectations for on-demand production.  After a lot of time, energy, improvisation, and carefully applied finances, I was able to put together Aether Rose.

The name of my store originates from the philosophical metaphor of the “Flower of Life” and the esoteric symbolism of the rose.  The “aether,” is a somewhat archaic reference to the medium postulated to exist above the Earth’s atmosphere, or the medium that comprised the heavens.  I came up with the name not only in reference to the philosophical notions from whence they came, but in line with my sense of aesthetics extending throughout my environment including in what I wear, and the surroundings I prefer to immerse myself in.

Design Philosophy

Beauty may indeed be in the eye of the beholder, but I for one have a strong eye for my own sense of aesthetics.  I believe that while it is not likely that anything forged by mortal hands can parallel the constant processes of cosmic evolution that form the complex natural beauty all around us, we can do our best in emulating the qualities of natural beauty in the social environment.  From building design, to landscaping, to sculpture, to what is worn, aesthetics constantly shape and affect the feelings we experience every day.

It is because I cannot say that I am typically much of a fan of what is in vogue at the moment, that I began designing patterns for me and what I wanted to surround myself with, that I realized that other people liked what I had to offer.  I have sought out to design apparel that can offer the wearer the basic comfort and utility one gets from casual clothing, yet with designs that provide the wearer with the potential to experience aesthetics in what they wear, and how they wear it.  Assembling outfits from fairly simple clothing to achieve something that is comfortable, functional, and if not elegant, then something that is fun for a day out at the park or a long day at work!


I use different manufacturers to produce my products, most of which have to be manufactured on-demand, and I have endeavored to seek quality producers without overcharging my customers on prices. I have done this through extensive research and the purchasing and testing of my own products, to ensure a streamlined purchase, production, shipping, and receipt process.

If you ever have an issue with your purchase, please contact me right away, so that I can follow up with the manufacturer. I have had to limit the variety of items for sale due to quality control concerns. My main foci are tote bags, zippered pouches, and accessories.